Johann Gustav is the Swiss army knife of Danish pianists. He has a broad interest in all genres and fits well into any constellation.

Since graduation from the Music Conservatory, Johann Gustav has been a freelancing band leader, a sideman performing all over Europe and in his hometown Copenhagen. At the age of 23, Johann has conducted and performed solo in over 350 productions in Europes biggest dinner theater, Wallmans.

Johann Gustav is a craftsman. His improvisations have a strong focus on openness, awareness and listening. His personal sound is built on extensive academic study but his work is portrayed in a cheerful, playful and fun manner.

“Johanns Gustav is a rare talent with a frighteningly fast development curve. He absorbs quickly and immediately puts his own distinctive character in any musical situation.” 
Niels Thybo, pianist & educator

Johann Gustav (1994) grew up in the country side of Bornholm. He attended piano lessons at the age of ten and quickly developed strong addiction to learning. After a few years of playing he was admitted on a special program for talented students where he was introduced to ear training, music history and theory. This is where his love for piano fell even deeper and he knew at this early age that he would dedicate his life to learning and discovering the craft of music.

At the age of 15, Johann Gustav moved around Denmark to attend various music programs that led him to the Rythmic Music Conservatory in from which he graduated in 2017.

Besides his work on the vibrant music scene he is also an enterprising figure behind the curtain. This is shown through all sorts of work such as: composing/arranging music, teaching, studio pianist, accompanying at auditions, arranging festivals and events.

Johann Gustav released the two albums; Wood Factory in 2016 and Wood Factory Seizing Intuition in 2018. In these albums he explored the melancholic characters that one can find in the roots of Northern Scandinavian folk music and it was painted through a modern jazz sextet.