Wood Factory

“…With this debut, it’s clear that Johann Gustav is an ambitious musician and composer. His music is reminiscent of American acoustic hardcore jazz of the late 1960’s and early ‘70s…”
Jazz Special, 2016


Exploring the craft of jazz with passion, dedication and joy. There is no authority and all certainty is to be avoided. Wood Factory aims to inspire and excite while encouraging more meaningful practice. We try to go deeper as we present new ways to do wonderful things.


Recorded in June 2018, MillFactory Studios

Johann Gustav Skov-Hansen – piano & compositions
Frederik Lundin – tenor saxophone
Jonas I. Due – trumpet og flugelhorn
Matthias Petri – upright bass
Mads Nørgaard – guitar
Lasse Schjerning – drums

Recorded in November 2015, Baltic Recording Studio

Johann Gustav Skov-Hansen – piano & compositions
Simon Sommer – tenor saxophone
Malte Nordtorp – trumpet and flugelhorn
Christian Moosdorf – guitar
Anton Langebæk – upright bass
Lasse Schjerning – drums